New doors, which one to take?


So it has arrived.  A new dawn and a new beginning.  After an incredible summer full of coaching, travel, coaching and more travel, I am about to embark on a new journey into Management & Marketing.  Ultimately, the goal is to run my own business in the future and I think that this year could be an important part of the jigsaw to make that dream a reality.  I have business ideas and notions that keep me awake at night, but I guess the most difficult aspect of it all is committing to those and taking that step.

How does one go about about starting their own business.  Immediately, my thoughts went to the Internet and getting my own domain.  That is the way everything is nowadays.  Online.  Quick.  Efficient.  However, there are so many elements to think about before you even get to that stage.  How do you advertise it?  Who can help you?  Where is the capital going to come from?  Will anyone even like/use the product/website?

Despite all these questions, I am excited about the year ahead.  It is going to be intense and quite different from the last 4 years, but the fresh challenge is something that I crave.  If I didn’t go ahead with this Masters programme, I would forever regret and wonder what could have been.  I am hoping that through this degree, I will gain the inspiration needed to take my first footsteps as an entrepreneur knowing that it is going to be a long and slow process that requires plenty of patience.  Only time will tell whether or not I will be able to achieve my dreams.  However, I am truly grateful to all my family and friends that are at least giving me the chance to reach out and try my best.


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